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Cake Packaging Supplies and Cake Decorating Supplies Online

With more than 20 years of experience in the business of cake packaging supplies and decorating accessories, we have expanded our fine range of products to include everything from cake boxes and stands to a wide assortment of cake decorating supplies such as icing, food colouring and sugar craft tools. Our rich history and passion in the bakery industry means that we only provide products of the highest quality, so your cakes have a professional gleaming presentation every time.

We pride ourselves in being one of the leading cake packaging suppliers in the UK. Able to accommodate large orders of up to 500 or more, our cake packaging is made to measure here in the UK and available in a selection of styles suitable for purpose.

In addition to our fantastic range of cake packaging supplies, decorating supplies and containers, we specialise in stunningly decorative acrylic cake stands which add a touch of class to your cake display or exhibition. Our clear cake stands will suit any theme or occasion and are sure to help your cake become the centerpiece of the table.

Fyne Acrylics should be your go-to supplier for cake packaging supplies and decorations, we strongly believe that you, the customer, always come first. Whether you need baking equipment, tools, cases, dummies, boards, icing or cake food colouring, we can always give you a fantastic price. Please take some time to browse the fine quality cake supplies on our website and buy online.

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